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Our Power Products



Customization available

Line interactive (1 - 5KVA),

APFC online UPS(1 - 120 KVA),

Online UPS with Inbuilt IT (5 - 120KVA),

Online UPS with IGBT Rectifier (80 - 500KVA),

Industrial UPS (10 - 800 KVA)

Modular UPS (25 - 500KVA)

accessories and more.

solar inverters.png

Solar Inverter

Customization available

On-grid Solar Inverter (1 - 60KVA),

Off-grid & Hybrid Solar Inverter (1 - 200KVA),

Solar Power Systems.



Customization available

inductors, chokes, isolation transformers, oil cooled transformers, inverter transformer and more

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