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Exploring Exports of India's Textile and Apparel Industry

Diving into India's Textile and Clothing Story

Imagine stepping into a colorful world where clothes come to life! India's history of making fabrics and stylish outfits is fascinating. Let's take a journey through India's world of clothes, from threads to beautiful garments that everyone loves.

Variety in Clothes: India's Special Fabrics

In India, we're known for making all kinds of fabrics. Soft cotton, shiny silk, and even rugged denim – are just a few of the exciting fabrics we create. Did you know we grow a lot of cotton, almost as much as anyone in the world? We also have special hand-woven fabrics, artsy handicrafts, cozy woolens, and gorgeous silk items. The organized textile industry works carefully to bring all of this together.

Fashion that Helps the Economy Grow

The clothes we make aren't just fashionable, they're helping our country's economy too. The fashion industry is growing by around 12% every year. By 2025, it's expected to be worth a massive $225 billion! This isn't just about money – the fashion world also supports many jobs, almost like farming. It's the second-biggest job provider after farming, helping 45 million people directly and even more indirectly.


Places where Fashion Shines

Different parts of India are like bright stars in the fashion universe. Places like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Haryana, Jharkhand, and Gujarat are really good at making clothes. These places make all sorts of things, from special handwoven pieces to delicate handicrafts.

Selling Our Style to the World

Guess what? We're not just making clothes for ourselves. India is the fifth-largest seller of clothes and fabrics in other countries. We have lots of raw materials and factories that help us do this. Even though there were some tough problems with sending things to other countries, we managed to sell a record-breaking $44.4 billion worth of clothes, fabrics, and handicrafts last year.

Cool Facts about Selling Clothes

Some types of clothes are super popular when we sell them to other countries. Cotton clothes had a huge growth of 54%, and clothes made from artificial materials grew by 51%. The fashionable ready-made clothes everyone loves grew by 30%, and our lovely handicrafts grew by 22%. Cotton clothes are like the stars here, making up 39% of what we sell. Then we have ready-made clothes at 36%, artificial materials at 14%, and handicrafts at 5%.

Our Clothes Travel Around the Globe

Imagine clothes from India traveling to over 100 different countries! Places like the USA, UAE, UK, Bangladesh, and more enjoy our stylish creations. The USA is our biggest fan, buying almost a quarter of what we sell. We've become even more popular in the USA, going from 24% to 27% of their clothes. We're also making new friends with UAE and planning to work with more countries, which will make our fashion even cooler.

Help from the Government for Fashion

The Indian government knows how important fashion is, so they've done some special things to help it grow. They've made rules that make it easier for factories to make better clothes. They also started a plan to give rewards to people who make special fabrics. The government wants India's fashion to shine all over the world!

Friends of Fashion: AEPC

AEPC is like a good friend of India's fashion world. It's been around since 1978 and helps people who make clothes for a living. AEPC doesn't just give advice about selling clothes; it also helps make things better for people in the fashion business. They want everyone to do well and make amazing clothes that the world loves.

In the middle of India's colorful world of clothes and fashion, there's a lot happening. From making special fabrics to selling them around the world, it's like a big adventure filled with colors, creativity, and success. And remember, this journey is still going on, and India's fashion world is always ready to show its unique style to everyone!

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